Monday, 25 March 2013

24 Mar 2013

     Assalammualaikum.. Sejak semalam rasa nak update blog pasal kejadian yang tidak disegajakan.. :) Haha.. Actually just want night.. And have a nice conversation with 3 different person.. And this story i wanna share with you guys about three different situation..

The first one..


This story starting when i donno what to do yesterday.. I got a little wrong understanding with my dear.. So i decide to call my old friend.. My best friends.. Diela..

We got a great conversation with the story of life in campuss.. Got assignment there.. Here and anyway.. Final Exam.. Bla bla bla bla bla.. Always life with books and exam.. Then we shared about our friendship in Middle school.. It's great to refresh about school.. I always remind us, to keep in touch.. I love her so much.. She is the best ever friends.. Even we always be in fight.. Or "tak sefahaman" but we still stick like gummy.. :) She understand me a lot.. And we are mean together.. She always be beside me.. Always.. Thank you sygs because you still wanna be my friend even you know who am i.. :) i love you..

The second one..

NABILA NADIA, 17 years old

We also got a great conversation about life in hostelite.. Not bad when ex senior share story with junior.. Give some advice.. And there a awesome moment when hear they complain about school.. And it's funny to said that, " Bila time kitaorang..... tapi time korang tak ada" haha.. For me Nad is nice person.. But, if someone who didn't know her, maybe will say "bapak kerek giler budak nie!" haha.. But, standard lah.. Any one got their own attitude.. And i feel okay with them.. Cuz they still know how to respect others. (Y)

NUR AMIRA HAZIQAH, 19 years old..

Lastly my TWIN.. We meet at Tech clunk.. Same dorm.. And we are starting to be so close.. Untill one horrible things happen to me.. And now i felt like i'm lose she.. Seriously.. But, we still got a nice conversation.. She is prenant now!! Yes.. Seriously.. Almost 7 month i think.. Glad to hear it.. And the funnies moment when the girl.. women maybe.. that 19's talk like 30's.. Haha.. And i was like "mira.. Rilex lah. Jangan serius sangat.. Jangan lah macam nie.. Tak seronok lah.." Okay.. Now i'm know macam mana orang mengandung.. She always repeat " Naluri Keibuan" "Seronok.. Gembira" Alhamdulillah.. I'm pray for she.. She is the beautifull ever friend.. And i hope her son/daughter will be just like she.. Pray for you my dear twin.. I love you so much.!

See.. The 3 person in one night.. In average age.. 19,19,17 years old..
But in different situation.. One who are in middle school.. One from Uni Lite.. And one from a sound of wife.. :)

Now i know.. Not all person facing the same things.. We need to accepted what we deserve too..
-always has a rainbow inside on rain-

Secretly from me..
*sorry for a few mistake in my writing.."


Nadia Nabila said...

Kay, terharu ni :D Name kita terbalik tu. Nvm, thank you Kak Erna :*

Shahidayatul Erna said...

sorry sygs.. akak mane lah tahu awak punyer name sebenar.. most welcome...:) nanti akak edit balik ye sygs... <3